College After Brain Injury - A Carolyn Rocchio Caregivers Webinar CD/Handout Package

A Carolyn Rocchio Caregivers Webinar featuring Dr. Mary Kennedy, professor at Chapman University College of Educational Studies. Aired live on September 23, 2015.
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How can a student find the college that is right for them? Strategies that may have worked in high school may not be sufficient in a college environment. How can students develop effective strategies and communicate with professors about accommodations they may need? What information is needed to share with the college to ensure that appropriate accommodations can be offered? Join us for a webinar on September 23, 2015 with Dr. Mary Kennedy about College After Brain Injury. Participants of this webinar will learn: How do changes in cognition, memory, and executive functioning impact college students with brain injury? What services are available to students? What can a student with a brain injury do to be successful in college?

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