From Grave to Cradle to Now

From Grave to Cradle to Now: A Father's Frist Hand Account by Ian Powell
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From Grave to Cradle to Now: A Father's Frist Hand Account by Ian Powell. "I was riveted from the first page," was the reaction of a senior health professional to this first-person account of a traumatically injured patient, a collaterally damaged family and their multi-year relationship with many health professionals. Rare is such a riveting first-person, minute-by-minute account; rarer still, by a father. All readers will take away the story, suspense, drama, and knowledge for present and future use - including To Do lists. One such item is how professionals and families can use techniques such as blood harmony "entrainment" to save and heal the traumatically injured, the acutely ill and the collaterally damaged family. If you are preparing health care courses for the coming year, this compelling book will provide new insights, and stimulate thought and discussion in key practice areas. It has been augmented by and for health professionals and educators. It is captured as a whole lived experience, including the explainable, the frightening, the joyful and the mysterious. It is the story before analysis, before explanation and before the extraction of "useful" guidance for professionals that captures the heart. Read the words, see his family and yours and marvel at your good fortune to have this account. Learning will follow. David A. Gass, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Professor Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University