The Little Old Sparrow

Written by Shannon McCarthy-Contreras

Colorfully illustrated and decorated with playful typography, the Little Old Sparrow is a short, whimsical gift book with a message for all ages!

Standing at the top of a mountain, a llama is overcome with fear of what lies ahead. In the midst of his unease, he hears a sudden chirp from an unlikely source. A little old sparrow sings out, offering its humble advice to go forth boldly, honor one's inner light and share it with the world! Though small and seemingly insignificant, the sparrow never ceases to soar to great heights and reminds us to recognize our inner strength in order to let go of our fears.

This little book was created to acknowledge the achievements of author Shannon McCarthy-Contreras' brother, who survived a devastating traumatic brain injury in 2011 and has since endured a long journey of healing and recovery. The sparrow serves as a symbol of self-worth, dignity, and triumph, reminding us to sing our own unique song of love and creativity.

24 pages, hardcover