A Moment in Time

By Mary S. Hanson

On an autumn day in 1998, college student Laura Hanson is in the prime of her life. One moment she is driving back to school after a hayride; the next moment she is paralyzed, deaf, and comatose after her car strikes a tree.

Shared through the eyes of a mother's heart, this poignant memoir of a traumatic journey into the little known world of brain injury is an incredible story of love lost and love endured - of heroes determined to overcome insurmountable obstacles - and of a family as it struggles to cope with the loss of their daughter. Mary Hanson chronicles her searing personal experience from the moment her daughter is carried on to the flight-for-life helicopter at the accident scene through a hospital's trauma center to the brain injury units of two others, and finally to a group home.

In this amazing story of how a young woman and her family survived incredible odds, there is one clear message - that through faith, hope, and love the human spirit will triumph over the most difficult of circumstances.