Our Daddy Is Invincible!

By Shannon Maxwell

When Shannon Maxwell had to tell her children their father had been seriously wounded in Iraq with a penetrating traumatic brain injury, she found no available resources to help her explain what life would and could be like now. There was nothing to help her demonstrate to her children that daddy was still daddy, even if he walked or talked differently, or couldn’t remember things, or couldn’t do the things he used to do. Our Daddy Is Invincible! is the resource she produced to help other families in similar situations. Maxwell drew upon her family’s experiences to create a child’s journey of discovery to find new ways to enjoy life together after traumatic injury of a parent or loved one.

“As a family, we work to focus on the positives and wanted a way to reassure and highlight the possibilities for our children and those of the families we were working with, but we found no resources to assist us in that endeavor,” said Shannon Maxwell. “Our Daddy Is Invincible is a collaboration that we hope will bring comfort to all families.”

The book is movingly illustrated by Liza Biggers, whose brother Army Spc. Ethan Biggers succumbed to injuries one year after a sniper’s bullet penetrated his brain during his second tour of duty in Iraq. Bigger was at her brother’s bedside for most of that year as one of his primary caregivers.