Pieces Missing: A Family's Journey of Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury

After many years together, Larry and his wife Joanie had everything they could want—a comfortable marriage, a nice home, two remarkable children. Then, a freak fall while she was jogging caused Joanie to sustain a traumatic brain injury and threw that equilibrium off course.

Pieces Missing recounts Joanie's struggle to recover from the devastating injury she suffered from that fall. This first-hand account is fraught with all the uncertainty of not knowing day-to-day what is coming next as Joanie  experiences three emergency room visits, two hospitalizations, one brain surgery, and months of rehabilitation as she fights to recover the pieces missing from her memory, speech, and joy of life.

This book is not only a story of how a marriage and family persevered and strove to survive the biggest crisis of their lives, but also a narrative of how health care is delivered and an account of what traumatic brain injury is all about. Above all else, though, it is a memoir of love, hope, family, healing, and recovery