2017.04.19 - Return to Work After "Mild" Brain Injury (Recorded Webinar)

A Robert Sbordone Memorial mTBI/Concussion Lecture webinar featuring Melanie Whetzel, MA, CBIS, Lead Consultant at Job Accommodation Network. Aired live April 19, 2017.

Includes 1 ACBIS CEU.

NEW! Downloadable webinar now available!

Returning to work after a “mild” brain injury can be challenging. Limited medical records, invisible symptoms and a lack of understanding of mild brain injury by employers can create misunderstandings or conflicts. What can a person do to help him or herself return to work? Join us as we discuss ways to explain a mild brain injury to an employer, how to request accommodations, and what to do if the employer believes “things should be better by now.”

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