2015.12.09 - Science Corrects False Beliefs about Limits to Brain Repair (Recorded Webinar)

A David Strauss Memorial Clinical Lecture webinar featuring Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D., Center for Brain Health, UT Dallas. Aired live December 9, 2015.

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Recent research shows the brain -- even the injured brain -- has tremendous power to grow, change, rewire and repair itself throughout life. Advances in brain imaging technologies and more sophisticated cognitive training protocols provide a real time window to document the brain’s immense regenerative capacity at time spans far removed from the time of insult. This webinar presents new evidence showing that short-term strategy based cognitive training, exemplified by Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART), improves higher-order cognition, enhances neural health, and lessens depressive and stress symptoms in youth and adults in chronic phases of traumatic brain injury recovery. Positive brain changes also increased significantly following the strategy-based training and participants continued to realize cognitive, psychological, and brain benefits three to four months after training, suggesting their health continued to improve even after the training ended. Given that brain injury is the number one cause of disability, time is of essence to revamp how brain injury is managed.

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