The Year of the Cicadas

By Catie Hartsfield

The inspirational true story of a family, told by Catie, her son Bryant falls from a 180 foot cliff in the isolated back woods of the Gorge, forcing his younger brother, a friend and a lost boy-scout troop to rescue him. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury, they are given very little hope Bryant will wake up, walk again or live a productive life. Bryant's unbelievable will is awe-inspiring.

Keeping a constant vigil over their son, Catie and her husband Steve, communicate through journals which provide an up close and personal perspective as the journey unfolds day by day. Depleted by her career and distant from her husband, Catie had been praying for change, but this is not the change she had been praying for. She wonders how she can hold her damaged family, faith and rocky marriage together. The stress of the accident changes her views about herself, family, God and her marriage. This is a story of hope and change; proof that when faced with insurmountable challenges, the only way out is through.