Moderate to Severe Brain Injury: A Practical Guide for Families

Sustaining a moderate to severe brain injury is a life-changing, sometimes devastating, event for an individual who is injured and for his or her family. The National Brain Injury Information Center's core publication, Moderate to Severe Brain Injury: A Practical Guide for Families, helps readers understand brain injury, find rehabilitation and community services, and learn about the support options available.

If you love someone living with a brain injury, you need this book.

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This newly revised, 64-page guide is the core publication of the Brain Injury Association of America's National Brain Injury Information Center. It has been developed to help you navigate the initial treatment and subsequent rehabilitation and recovery processes your loved one will experience after a brain injury. The Guide provides important and useful information for individuals living with moderate to severe brain injury, their families, caregivers, professionals, friends, and associates. It will answer many of your questions and, hopefully, alleviate some of your concerns.