The Man With the Bionic Brain

By Jon Mukand, M.D., Ph.D.

After he was stabbed and became paralyzed from the neck down, Matthew Nagle, a former high school football star, made scientific history when neurosurgeons implanted microelectrodes in his brain that recognized his thought patterns, allowing him to control a computer cursor. With the BrainGate system, Matt was able to use e-mail, manipulate a prosthetic hand, adjust TV settings, and play video games – all just by thinking about performing these tasks.

In The Man with the Bionic Brain and Other Victories over Paralysis, Dr. Jon Mukand, Matt's research physician and a rehabilitation specialist, weaves together his story with firsthand accounts of other courageous survivors of stroke, spinal injuries, and brain trauma and the amazing technology that has improved their lives. A behind-the-scenes view of cutting-edge medical research and discoveries, this book provides an insightful and inspirational look at how biomedicine gives hope to people with disabilities and enables them to take control of their futures.