Perfect Love

By Lucia Hur

This is a story that brings new meaning to the adage never give up. In her debut book, Lucia Hur chronicles how she made a miracle happen by actively engaging and participating in the aftermath of a car accident that changed her son Bobby's life and her family forever. When Bobby was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that medical professionals knew little about, Lucia began chronicling their life-changing journey of recovery from his comatose state to becoming a functioning, independent adult. 

In this inspirational memoir, Lucia narrates the trials and tribulations she faced, and shows that being a part of every aspect of Bobby's recovery was essential to connecting with and caring for her son in navigating the confusing world of TBI. An absolute testament to the power of faith, perseverance, and hope, Perfect Love explores how love in various forms allowed Lucia to transform and adjust to a more productive meaning of life, doing her best always, and constantly enriching her soul along the way.